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White Post Farm!

Please keep your eyes peeled on this post for updates and pictures!


And we're off! See you tomorrow!!!


UPDATE: 6:20. We have arrived!!!


UPDATE: 7:00. We are bed ready, ready for later! Time to explore!! 


UPDATE: 7:45. Golf time!!!


UPDATE: 8:15. Time for a race and a climb!


UPDATE: 9:00. Adventure (playground) is out there!!!


UPDATE: 9:30. A big thumbs up before we get back to base.


UPDATE: 9:50. Hot chocolate time! 


UPDATE: 10:45. Almost ready for bed. We have made glow band animals to look after us in the night, we've cleaned our teeth, and got snuggled up. Just time for a story before bed.


UPDATE: 11:00. Story time is over and Spotty the Giraffe is ready to keep us company throughout the night. Night everyone! See you tomorrow.




UPDATE: 6:00. The calm before the storm!


UPDATE: 6:45. Operation "get up" is a go. And, guess what?! We even had a visit from the tooth fairy. 


UPDATE: 7:25. Back at work. It's a hard life! 


UPDATE: 8:30. New arrivals and breakfast


UPDATE: 9:10. Getting ready for our day at the farm! Were going to be super busy from now on, so no more updates today. See you at home time!!!