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Important Internet Safety Information


On here you will find useful internet safety guides for a range of social media Apps and games.


We have been made aware of a new internet concern called Momo that is very worrying.

Some of the children have spoken about this in school today and our advice to them is to ensure that they tell an adult at home if anything appears on their computer that they are unsure about.


We advise all parents/carers to be alert to, and monitor what children are accessing on line, to be alert to any inappropriate content that appears on a device and to consider the ‘age appropriate’ guidelines.


We are increasingly concerned to hear some of our children talking about the social media Apps they access out of school and the repercussions of these that filter into school often leading to friendship falls-outs.


Our priority is the safety and security of each and every one of our children and we ask for your support in this. Please, please, please be vigilant to what children are accessing.

If you are in any doubt or if you have serious concerns about anything you have seen on your child’s device then please look at the guides we have put on the website and remember you can always contact the Police on 101 for advice.


Many thanks for your continued support.

Momo Challenge

Momo is a sinister 'challenge' that has been around for some time. It has recently resurfacd and once again has come to the attention of schools and children across the country. Dubbed the 'suicide killer game', Momo has been heavily linked with apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and most recently (and more worryingly)... YouTubeKids.