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KWS Ethos and Values

KWS Ethos and Values


What does KWS mean?

What does it mean to be part of the KWS Family?



KWS is a school where we help children (and staff) discover not just who they are but what they can become.  

We call this the Profound Personal Development of all.  


Through their journey at KWS, we aim for our children to know:


* Who I am?

* What I can become?

* What is possible?


For this to happen, KWS is about having values (and the right attitude) and teaching children the importance of these - who we are and how we conduct ourselves - because these shape us as people.


So , , , we have a KWS motto and we have our 'High 5' values . . .


Our Motto

"KWS is a 'Take Care' school where we strive to be the best we can be and even go 'Beyond Expectations'. It's never boring here!"


Our High 5 Values

Take Care

Be Challenged

Be Engaged

Work Together




If KWS is about these values and attitudes and enabling children to learn how these shape us as people, then we (as a staff team) are about providing our children with:


* A community of opportunity and ambition

* A community of participation


This means we provide our children with opportunities in and out of the classroom for them to:


* Learn about and apply our values and attitudes

* Learn about themselves, each other and the world around them

* Learn and discover who they are, what they can become and what is possible - the best that they can be as an individual

* To experience going 'Beyond Expectations' - beyond what they think is possible


If our children are provided with opportunity, they will discover new ambitions for themselves.  We enable this to happen by providing our children with 'Beyond Expectation Experiences' - opportunities that all children deserve and all children have a right to experience regardless of their background, needs or academic ability.  These 'Beyond Expectation Experiences' come through the curriculum we provide, which includes:


* Our in-house led Residential programme from Y1 to Y6

* Our Aspire Afternoons

* '50 things to do before you leave KWS . . .' offer

* Our extra-curricular opportunities

* A curriculum that caters for and supports children's needs

. . . and much more (refer to our Curriculum Information)


Through our 'Beyond Expectations Experiences' we encourage and inspire our children to participate, to be 'up for it' and to 'give it a go' because 'It's Never Boring' at KWS and we want our children to have experienced things that enrich their lives, help them develop as individuals and enable them to achieve and believe in themselves.