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Religious Education

Curriculum Overview

The Religious Education curriculum at Kirkby Woodhouse School follows  units of teaching as set out in the Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. The R.E toolkit further breaks down the knowledge, skills and vocabulary expectations to support teaching and learning in R.E. across the school.


Curriculum Intent - Religious Education

At Kirkby Woodhouse School our R.E curriculum will provide children with the essential knowledge and understanding of religions and worldviews, give opportunities to express ideas and gain insights into these religions and worldviews and gain and deploy the skills needed to learn from religions and worldviews.   It is designed to facilitate children knowing more and remembering more within a framework that encourages challenge, opportunity, ambition and participation. It will PROVIDE children with a clear pedagogical structure which allows them to acquire new learning. This is informed by the Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus for R.E as 2021-2026.  We have adapted it to meet the specific needs of our community.  To allow children to remember more and learn more, using the Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus for R.E at Kirkby Woodhouse School provides us with a robust and adaptable framework within which cross-curricular learning and meaningful real-life experiences can happen. Teachers ENHANCE learning experiences through linking learning across multiple subject areas, providing exciting and engaging learning opportunities and providing opportunities for children to work collaboratively. The curriculum ENRICHES learning experiences through offering pupils the chance to visit local places of worship as well as having visitors in school to offer in-depth insights into world religions and worldviews.  This helps us to support learning within the classroom; these opportunities are extended from Early Years through to Year 6.  Profound Personal Development will be the heart of all teaching and learning where children are taught to take care of themselves, each other and the world around us. Through our High-5 Values, this “Take Care” language is central to our conversations with all stakeholders, and this allows children, staff, parents and governors to work together to ensure that our Take Care ethos helps us live out the things we have learned in our everyday lives. Through a model of PROVIDING, ENHANCING AND ENRICHING learning experiences, and embedding a Take Care ethos within our community, we support our children to go Beyond Expectations and BE the best they can be.

*Please note: This toolkit has been updated for Academic Year 22-23. New knowledge mats, in addition to a new local authority curriculum have been introduced.

RE Week - A celebration of creation

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We worked in partnership with the church to put on a celebration of children's work, and collect food for our local food bank. The exhibition of work was called "A Celebration of Creation" and featured repsonses from all the children at KWS. It also included repsonses from other communitiy groups and Reverand Hazel invited us for a special Harvest service so we could learn all about the importance of Harvest through scripture.

Curriculum Review