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Who's Who

Head Teacher

Mrs R Jones


Deputy Head Teachers

Mrs J Roebuck - EYFS/KS1

Mrs L Withers - KS2


Assistant Head Teachers

Mrs J Stimpson - EYFS Lead

Mr J Cross - Y1/2 Lead

Miss F McHugh - Y3/4 Lead

Mr P Stimpson - Y5/6 Lead; Deputise in the absence of Mrs J Roebuck / Mrs L Withers


School Business Manager

Miss R Everitt




Mrs R Jones


CLA Lead - Looked After Children

Mrs J Stimpson


Designated Safeguarding Contacts

Mrs R Jones and Mrs J Stimpson - Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mrs L Withers, Mr J Cross and Mrs J Roebuck - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads



Mr J Cross


Pupil Premium Lead

Mrs L Withers


SENCO and SEN Team

Mrs H Hounslow - SENCO

Mrs J Roebuck - SENCO support

Mrs H Hounslow and Mrs L Clay - ADHD Leads

Mrs V Davidson - Dyslexia Lead

Mrs J Cowling - School Counsellor

Mr B Dobb - Social, Emotional, Nurture and Behaviour Support


Site and Premises Projects

Mrs P Stimpson and Miss R Everitt




Miss F McHugh, Miss D Peat and Mrs J Stimpson - English Leads

Mr P Stimpson - ICT Leader

Mrs J Roebuck, Mr P Stimpson and Mrs R Harman - Maths Leads


Mrs N Martin - Creative Team Leader

Mr J Cross - Humanities Team Leader 


Mrs N Chambers - Art Leader

Mrs S Wilkinson - DT Leader

Mrs F Sammons - Geography Leader

Mr j Cross - History Leader

Mrs L Clay - MFL Leader

Mrs R Harman - Music Leader

Mr J Libecans and Mr M Aldridge - PE and Sports' Premium Leader

Mrs V Davidson - PSHE Leader

Mrs V Davidson - RE Leader

Mrs T Vernon - Science Leader


Mr P Stimpson - Evolve and Education Visits

Mrs K Hinchley - Website and Website Compliance


Mrs K Hinchley - Children's Wellbeing

Mr C Lawry - Music Tuition Teacher

Mr P Halfpenny - Sports' Coach




Mrs J Stimpson - Assistant Head Teacher and Reception Teacher

Mrs H Hounslow - Nursery Lead and Nursery Teacher

Mrs J Eyre - Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Grace - Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Smith - Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Harman - Reception Teacher and Music Lead

Mrs L Hayes - Reception Teaching Assistant

Miss C Martin - Reception Teaching Assistant

Miss S Abbott - 1:1 Support

Mrs K McQuone - 1:1 Support


KS1 Team

Mr J Cross - Assistant Head Teacher and Y1 Teacher

Miss S Wade - Y1 Teacher

Mrs F Sammons - Y1 Teacher

Mrs D Stewart - Y1 Teaching Assistant

Miss D Peat - Y2 Teacher

Mrs T Vernon - Y2 Teacher

Mrs J Staples - Y2 Teaching Assistant

Miss O Chapman - KS1 Teaching Assistant

Mr M Alderson - 1:1 Support


Lower KS2 Team (Y3/4)

Miss F McHugh - Assistant Head Teacher and Y4 Teacher

Mrs V Davidson - Y3 Teacher

Mrs N Chambers - Y3 Teacher

Mrs K Hinchley - Y3 Teacher

Mrs L Reek - Y3 Teaching Assistant

Miss F Mchugh - Y4 Teacher

Mr M Aldridge - Y4 Teacher

Mrs V Clarke - Y4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Frogson - 1:1 Support

Mrs J Goodacre - 1:1 Support

Miss K Smith - 1:1 Support


Upper KS2 Team (Y5/6)

Mr P Stimpson - Assistant Head Teacher and Y6 Teacher

Mrs L Clay - Y5 Teacher

Mr J Libecans - Y5 Teacher

Mrs J Cowling - Y5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Martin - Y6 Teacher 

Mrs S Wilkinson - Y6/ Y4 Teacher

Mrs L Cantrill - Y6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Hickenbottom - 1:1 Support




Breakfast and After School Club Team

Mrs K Lawry

Mrs G Payne


Office Team

Miss R Everitt - School Business Manager

Mrs T Lever - Office Admin Assistant

Ms M Smith - Office Admin Assistant


Site Team

Mr G Bramwell - Site Manager

Mr D Allsopp - Site Assistant 

Mr B Stimpson - Site Assistant

Mrs K Worthington - Cleaner

 Mrs D Henstock - Cleaner

Mrs V Mumford - Cleaner

Miss S Wheeler - Cleaner


Kitchen and Catering Team

Mrs J Voisey - Kitchen and Catering Manager

Mrs J Copson

Miss K Jones

Mrs K Lawry

Mrs G Payne

Mrs A Scrimshaw

Mrs S Turner


Midday Supervising Team

Mrs L Corbett - Senior Midday Supervisor

Miss K Boulton - Midday Supervisor

Mrs D Durant - Midday Supervisor

Mrs L Harris - Midday Supervisor

Mrs C Hook - Midday Supervisor

Miss C Pollard - Midday Supervisor

Mrs M Szwedowska - Midday Supervisor

Mrs E Thorne - Midday Supervisor

Miss S Wheeler - Midday Supervisor

Miss S Housley - Midday Supervisor

Mrs V Mumford - Midday Supervisor

Mrs G Nobel-Clarke - Midday Supervisor

Mrs K Drury - Midday Supervisor

Mrs V Evans - Midday Supervisor

Miss C Grantham - Midday Supervisor