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Curriculum Overview


The curriculum begins in EYFS by grounding geographical knowledge and skills within a personal context. In KS1, it moves to an increasingly national context including comparisons with vastly different contexts. From Key Stage 2, the Geography curriculum is organised to be taught iin line with the National curriculum and linked to other areas of the curriculum such as Science and History where possible. It is also increasingly global in its outlook.


Each topic has a distinct set of knowledge and a whole school skills progression allows children to make links across taught topic areas.



At Kirkby Woodhouse, we are beginning to collect work for each year group that we are judging as the "Expected Standard."


Children are judged to be at the expected standard through a combination of:

- Pupil Voice

- Work Scrutiny

- End of Unit Quizzes


A Geography exemplification document is in the process of being completed for Academic year 22-23.

What is Geography like at KWS?

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