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Our curriculum model

At KWS, our curriculum model is specifically designed to allow children to leave Primary Education as knowledgeable, resilient and independent learners.  Our curriculum model provides a framework that scaffolds learning and supports children in knowing and remembering more.

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum intent:


  • PROVIDES a clear knowledge and skills progression informed by the National Curriculum which builds upon previous learning and supports future learning.


  • ENHANCES learning experiences by linking learning across subject areas. This provides meaningful and holistic learning experiences.


  • ENRICHES learning by linking topc areas to a comprehensive and varied residential and experiental knowledge program.


  • BE (BEYOND EXPECTATIONS) Through a synthesis of declarative, procedural and experiential knowledge, children know more, remember more and build schema more effectively.

Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum implementation:


  • Is rooted in research that informs how the curriculum is structured. This allows children to commit their learning to long-term memory more often.


  • Creates opportunities for holistic learning experiences through the synthesis of declarative, procedural and experiential knowledge.


  • Builds on prior learning and informs future learning.


  • Has a knowledge, skills and experiential progression from EYFS through to Year 6.

Curriculum Impact

Our Curriculum Impact:


  • Ensures that the child is the central stakeholder.


  • Is quality assured through a combination of: indepdendent external, academy trust and internal monitoring.


  • Is informed through the colection of a wealth of evidence

Below are some examples of what the foundation subject curriculum looks like at Kirkby Woodhouse School. Each discrete subject has a toolkit and knowledge/skills progression document.