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Children in Year One apply their phonics skills in reading practise sessions 3 times a week, developing their fluency and comprehension skills along the way.


Children work in small groups with an adult, looking at a reading book that has been carefully matched to each child’s reading ability. This book is looked at three times over the week before it is sent home for a celebration read.


Reading Session One


Children will concentrate on ‘decoding’ the text. They will be helped to ensure that they can sound out and blend each of the words in the text.


Reading Session Two


Children will concentrate on ‘Prosody’. This is when children look at punctuation and learn to read with expression. Making the read more interesting to the listener.


Reading Session Three


Children will concentrate on ‘comprehension’, answering questions about the text.


After the three sessions the book will come home for a celebration read. This book has been carefully matched to your child's current reading level. If your child is reading it with little help, please don't worry that it's too easy - your child needs to develop fluency and confidence in reading.

Listen to them read. Remember to give them lot's of praise - celebrate their success! If they can't read a word, read it to them. After they have finished, talk about the book together.