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'It's never boring here!' - This is a key part to our KWS motto.  There is always something happening, both in and out of the classroom; always something for our children to get stuck into; opportunities and experiences for our children to learn, grow, develop and flourish academically and personally.  That is why the attendance and punctuality of our children is so important.  We don't want them to miss out!


We monitor attendance on a day-to-day, weekly, half termly and annual basis.  

Understandably there are times when our children are poorly or they have medical appointments and we do make allowances for this.  Sometimes, families can find attendance tricky, and as always, we will help and support families where this is the case.  Our door is always open for parents/carers to come and have a chat with us. 


The national average target for primary school attendance is 96%.  Therefore, our Governing Body has set the school target to be above 96%+, but for our attendance rewards, we are aiming high for 98%.


Our Attendance Policy explains how attendance works at KWS - how it is monitored and how it is rewarded.  Our policy can be found under 'Key Information'.


Current School Attendance Total


As of week ending 11th December = 96.08%

School Attendance Weekly Totals


CLASS Week Ending 11.12.20 Yearly % so far 2020/2021
RH Isolating 97.03%
RS Isolating 95.89%
1W 91.30% 93.84%
1C 92.28% 96.19%
2P 99.62% 97.05%
2V 96.81% 9853%
3DC 98.99% 97.06%
3H 96.58% 94.52%
4A 98.00% 97.86%
4M 98.71% 96.95%
5C 100% 96.92%
5L 97.64% 95.68%
6M 96.92% 93.88%
6S 94.43% 95.28%

School Attendance Weekly Rewards


Week ending 28th February 2020:


Highest Class Weekly Attendance %
EYFS / KS1 2C 99.67% Extra Pit Stop and 20 class dojo points
KS2 6M 98.67% Extra Pit Stop and 20 class dojo points


Classes with 98%+ Weekly Attendance
1S   99.26%   10 class dojo points
2C 99.67% 10 class dojo points
5L 98.00% 10 class dojo points
6M 98.67% 10 class dojo points


School Attendance Half Termly Rewards


End of Autumn second half term:


Highest Class Half Term Attendance %
EYFS / KS1 2C 96.94% Reward of a non-uniform day 
KS2 5L 96.43% Reward of a non-uniform day


Children with 98%+ Half Term Attendance

Reward of 5 dojo points each plus a treat with Mrs Jones (by invitation)


Imogen L,  Willow S,  Molly W,  Benjamin R,  Teifi R,  Finley A,  Chata R,  Henry D,  Abigail F,  Charlotte H,  Archie NC,  Katie R,  Frazer S,  Max A,  Richard F,  Elijah G,  Laurence K, Evie K,  Eric S,  Henri T


Blake A,  Sienna B,  Harry B,  Olly C,  Zack C,  Yasmin D,  Tommy H,  Grace C,  Elsie D,  Isabelle H,  Maisie M,  Holly H,  Lucas J,  Lewis O,  

Megan P,  Dylan P,  Amelia Q,  Holly R,  Oscar S,  Ella T,  Elsa M,  

Isaac B,  Harry C,  Annie D,  Mia E,  Fraser H,  Alana K,  Shay L,  Nico C,  Oliver K,  Elliott R,  Cillian T,  Georgia V,  Taylor-Rae W


Fearne A,  Bethany A,  Leo B,  Megan B, Eloise B,  Myles C,  William C,  Macey D,  Joshua HM,  Sahil C,  Matilda H,  Emily H, George H,  Holly R,

Owen H,  Martha M,  Nate M,  Mason M,  James O,  Rose S,  

Daisy S,  Penelope S,  Elsie SW,  Oscar S,  Lexi S,  Sally T,  Jack W,  

Ellie-May E,  Ava M,  Bailie P,  Delta B,  Lily-Rose H,  Clarissa H,  

Lillie-May KP,  Jacob P,  Isabelle P,  Roman R,  Alicja S,  Harriet T


Amelia D,  Sam G,  Morgan H,   Max K,  Lola K,  Harriett L,  Mason L,  Nevie S,  Ebony S,  Chester S,  Freddie T,  Henry W,  Lacey-Mae W,  Becky W, Max Y,  Charley C,  Isabelle D,  Ellie D,  Avi D,  Annabel E,  Olive H,  Paris H,  Harriet H,  Laycie-M W,  Oliver W,  Ella A,  Harry V


Ruby B ,  Harry B,  Peyton B,  Evie-Mae D,  Abbie G,  Mia G,  Oliver H,  Isabella H,  Millie H,  Noah H,  Harrison K,  Tyla DM,  Alicia M,  

Freddie P,  Evelyn S,  Oscar S,  Courtney SW,  Kiera T,  Bella T,  Alice T,  Sophie W,  Rosie E,  Eftyhia S,  Archie G,  Ollie H,  Joshua D,  Kyle L,  Dylan M,  Alex W,  Trinity H


Belle A,  Thomas B,  Charlie B,  Jenson B,  Aoife C,  Jack G,  Sophia G,  Tiffany HM,  Scarlett H,  Tyler LM,  Myles M,  Alex P,  Cristiano P,  Melody R,  Olivia SE,  Andria S,  Hollie S,  Isaac S,  Oliver W,  Peyton W,  Bruce W,  Seth C,  Grace C,  Kondwani E,  Tyler H,  Emily KG, Emily S,  Finley W,  Kayden C,  Kane D,  Jessica F,  Sam H,  Billy L,  Kira N,  

Jayden W


Millie A,  Oliver A,  Isabelle B,  Jack B,  Emilie B,  Fae B,  Scarlett C,  James C,  Colette C,  Lauren C,  Theo D,  Tobey G,  Owen H,  Emily M,  Owen M,  Ollie M,  Cristalla P,  Lucy T,  Ryder R,  Lily R,  Ioanna S,  

Liam S,  Jacob SW,  Jacob B,  Tom D,  Harriett M,  Riley S,  Shelby E,  Milly-Rose F,  Madison G,  Faris H,  Archie L,  Jools T