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Fundamental British Values

Fundamental British Values @ KWS



  • We provide opportunities for children to debate and discuss a variety of issues
  • We encourage children to vote for things that they want to happen
  • Children help make the rules within classrooms
  • We ensure there are opportunities to become leaders and take on additional responsibility
  • We encourage children to express their views in pupil conferences, pupil surveys and through the school council


The Rule of Law:

  • Children are taught the difference between right and wrong and are encouraged to take responsibility for their behaviour and make the right choices
  • They are taught that the law is there to protect them and that breaking the law involves consequences
  • Children are expected to follow the 'Take Care' rules and High-5 vaalues that aim to keep children safe and promote a positive atmosphere for teaching and learning
  • Children are encouraged to reflect on their actions and make things right
  • Visitors, including the Police, are invited to school to help children understand the importance of living within the law



Individual Liberty:

  • Children are encouraged to put forward ideas for school improvement and what they would like to learn about in the classroom
  • Children are elected to the School Council to represent their peers and make things happen
  • Children are given the opportunity to express opinions and state preferences
  • We learn about War, the British Empire and the Commonwealth
  • Through clubs and residential trips, children are encouraged to try new things and take risks
  • Children are encouraged to take on new challenges and aspire to be the best they can



Mutual Respect and Tolerance:

  • We encourage children to be polite and helpful to others and lead by example
  • We learn to respect other people and recognise that people may be different from us
  • We promote equality, diversity and fairness
  • In lessons, we actively promote everyone’s right to learn and create a learning environment which is conducive to this
  • We ensure that everyone is made aware that bullying of any kind will not be tolerated
  • We teach the 'Take Care Values' by which we should live our lives, and we celebrate them in assemblies
  • We teach children that we are all different, special and have a range of skills to offer
  • We teach children about a variety of faiths and cultures which is underpinned by respect and tolerance regardless of our own beliefs



Promotion of Britishness:

  • We commemorate key historical dates such as Armistice
  • We celebrate British festivals and special days such as St George’s day, Harvest festival, Shrove Tuesday, Easter and Christmas
  • We show support for our country when key sporting fixtures arise