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Breakfast Club

As you will be aware, we have been trialling the new Breakfast Club since the start of October.  We started the club as we had a positive response to our consultation with lots of people interested.  Since the club has started on average we have 3 to 4 pupils a day and sometimes only 1.  On one occasion we had 10 children and this is what we need on a regular basis to make is sustainable.  


Therefore we need to make a decision whether the club will carry on or not after Christmas.  We will make this decision on Monday 11th December and inform parents so they can make other arrangements for after Christmas if need be.  This gives us 4 weeks to try and make this work.  If you want to help us keep this club, please book your child in.  To book, please use the designated number - 07784 446 456.


Many thanks.