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Homework in Year 1



Each week your child will be sent home with a phonics homework sheet that recaps on their learning from that week's lessons. Please spend some time to look at this with your child asking them to read the GPCs, words and sentence. There is then a sentence to read to them for them to sound out and write down.



Also on this sheet are five spelling words for them to learn from the week which will be reviewed in class the following Friday in our weekly spelling quiz - this will be written in their home school books for you to see their progress. Copies of the homework sheet will be added above for you to download.



Every Wednesday your child will bring home a new reading book to read to you to celebrate the work they have done - they will have read this book as part of a group three times in school with sessions having focused on their decoding skills, prosody and comprehension. Books need to be returned to school each Monday please. Unfortunately we will be unable to send their next book home if books aren't returned each week.