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week commencing 20th May


I know it's been a while but here's a quick Yr5 update before half-term. We've all been working so hard that time seems to have slipped by so quickly. We have visits to Mansfield Museum upcoming as we've now embarked upon our Tudors topic. Times tables are going through the roof after Times Tables Rockstars fever swept through the school. We've just read the amazing 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo and are producing a wealth of follow-up work as a response to a story that really tugged our heart strings. We hope you have a great half-term and we'll see you in June!

week commencing 4th March


It's been a few weeks but here's a brief blog updating what has been an excellent but very busy start to the new half-term. Firstly, well done to all pupils from Year 5 who took part in the Schools' Massive, Shakespeare production at The Nottingham Playhouse. They were great and the best school there by a country mile! As I write Year 5 hockey club starts tonight with Mr. Halfpenny. Meantime from a sporting perspective, we have had pupils representing the school and winning in football and netball. The pupils have looked fantastic on World Book Day (see separate photos). Finally, they immersed themselves into the world of extreme weather, particularly tornadoes in the build up to some exciting report writing in the next couple of weeks! Oh, and FYI Ashbourne Residential letters are out today (Thurs 7th) and we're sincerely hoping we take all pupils with us this summer. Please return the permission slip ASAP. We thank you! 

week commencing 28th January


Another busy week! Pupils are making wonderful progress in the fractions topic. We've started a new literacy topic looking at the ace picture book, The Tear Thief - watch for some outstanding writing being produced soon. Pupils have upped their effort on the daily mile track too and are now completing the full mile on a daily basis! We're taking 10 Year 5 boys to a hockey tournament on Monday - we'll let you know how they get on. Finally, look out for a 5A versus 5C Times Table Rockstars Challenge taking place next week! It's all-out (mathematical) war!

week commencing 14th January


An excellent week in Year 5. Highlights including playing the 'Life Without Taps' game - as your child about how unfair it was and why! The boys' futsal team won a district competition at Hucknall National School. Well played lads! We're getting our teeth into the fractions topic now and beginning to make headway. Be aware Mrs Clay is away on Year 4 York residential next Wednesday to Friday and Mrs Clark is covering in her absence. 

week commencing 7th January

Happy New Year! A great start back in this new term. The pupils have returned ready to learn and up for the challenge. This week they've tackled using written methods for division and solving problems too. We've started our water topic and much learning and great fun was had when the pupils were faced with the challenge of cleaning the 'sewage soup' we made - see the attached photos from the Y5 home page. 

week commencing 17th December

Well, the term is done and Christmas is upon us. The pupils have worked tirelessly since September and much progress, both academic and personal has been made. Of course, there's much further to go but right now all are in need of a rest. On that note, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy new year! See you in 2019!!

Mr. Aldridge, Mrs Clay and Mrs Clark 

week commencing 3rd December

Well Christmas is almost upon us and the end of a long term draws nigh. The pupils have worked extremely hard and we are pleased with their progress. Next week is Christmas Service week at St Johns for which many Year 5 pupils are involved in. Then it's the last week of term including party day on the Thursday. We'll be in touch about that. Meantime, Year 5 have made Xmas pud pom poms that are decorations at the Christmas Tree Festival at a local church. Thanks for your continued support.

week commencing 12th November 2018

It was wonderful to see the Y5 poppies added to the whole school installation on the drive last Friday. It looks amazing. In addition, there were a group of children who joined Mrs Clark and Mrs Clay at All Saints Church where they took part in the Sunday service and laid a wreath. Elsewhere well done to all for having a positive attitude towards assessment week, this week. Glad to say it's done and we look forward to seeing you at Parents' Evening next week.

week commencing 22nd October

So our first half-term is at a close and quite a ride it has been. We are working tirelessly to bring the year group up to the standards expected in Year 5 and some are closer than others BUT all have begun to move forwards on that journey. We are imbuing each pupil with a growth mindset, a give-it-a-go attitude, a not fearing of failure and the developing of resilience that are essential for life yet alone Year 5! However, right now we need a break and half-term is a chance to re-charge the batteries. We're really proud of the pupils when they visited All Saints Church in Annesley on Wednesday and thank you to those of you who could attend. See you in November!

week commencing 8th October

Back after a brief break in writing... Another great week! We're seeing a real positive change in many pupils now as they build up their resilience and determination for the year ahead. Special mention to class 5A who were brilliant at The National Space Centre on Thursday.

week commencing 17th Sept

5A have had a great start to our swimming sessions with super progress made by some pupils already. 5C will be visiting The National Space Centre on Thursday 27th Sept. Please ensure your child arrives at 8:40 am or a tad earlier with snack, drink, lunch and spending money of no more than £5. We will celebrating European Day Of Languages focusing on Spain, Spanish culture and traditional Spanish food. A final reminder spellings are tested on a Monday and times tables on a Friday.  

week commencing 10th Sept

What a fantastic start to term. We're really pleased by the attitude and presentation of your children who show all the vital signs of maturing into excellent Year 5 learners. 

Literacy focus: Based on Roald Dahl, 'The Twits' we are building sections of the story through character description, settings and interesting language. Ask your child to use a hyphened-adjective to describe you!

Maths focus: Looking at counting in number sequences up and down, and below zero into negative numbers. 

Clubs commence this coming week, 17th September. Please see the PDF below for full details but lunchtime football clubs will require pupils (boys and girls) to bring full kit. Finally, a reminder that it's violin lessons on a Friday 2:30-3:00 pm for those who normally have them!