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Monday 16th November 


The weeks are flying by!  As there are more children having to self-isolate, we would just like to remind you that there is a two week block of work for the children to complete at home if they are well.  This can be found on our website, on the Year 2 page under ‘Home Learning’. 


We are looking forward to speaking over the phone with many of you during the next few weeks to discuss how your child has settled into Year 2.  If you have not already booked in a slot by returning your slip, please can you do this as soon as you are able.  


As the weather is getting cooler now, it would be useful if you could send your child into school with an extra top layer of clothing.  This is because we must keep our classrooms as ventilated as we can and therefore have the heating on AND the windows open. 


The Year 2 Team 


Monday 9th November


Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn Term. All the children enjoyed being back at school, seeing their friends and working hard.


What a busy week we have ahead of us this week. On Thursday, the children will be receiving their annual flu vaccination. As usual you will not need to be with your child as this is administered but please inform the office if you child is experiencing cold or flu type symptoms on the day.


On Friday we will be having a non-uniform day for Children in Need. Donations can be made via the children in need website https:\\\ please do not bring cash into school.


Can we please take this opportunity to remind you that although it is incredibly kind of you, we are unable to accept food items into school e.g. Home baking or birthday cake and unfortunately birthday sweets cannot be given out at this time.


Due to the need for increased ventilation in our classrooms the rooms are colder than usual for this time of year. Can you please ensure that your child comes to school dressed in layers to keep them warm. You may wish to dress them in a vest and a t shirt under their school clothes on cooler days not forgetting their jumper or cardigan.


This week you will receive a letter about Parents Evening. This will be carried out via a phone call rather than face to face. Please read the letter for the full details and return the reply slip as soon as possible. The letter is also on the website if you need another copy.


On the Year 2 section on the school website there are two folders for home learning. One folder for individuals to work through if they are self-isolating due to COVID-19 and the other is in case of a Year 2 bubble closure. All work can be accessed through the website which includes a timetable plus links to printable sheets, online activities and writing tasks. A printed version of most of the work can also be made available for collection which can be arranged by ringing the school office. Please do not complete any of the work unless you are asked to, let’s hope that we do not need to access any of this work and our bubble will remain open.


Monday 12th October 


The children have had a busy half term adjusting to a different kind of schooling and we know that everyone is incredibly tired, but can we just say that they have  tried very hard and you should be proud of the way they have dealt with all the changes.   


A reminder that we break up for half term this Friday 16th October for 2 weeks. We have an INSET day on Monday 2nd November so the children will not return to school until Tuesday 3rd November.  We hope you have a lovely half term and the children enjoy a well-deserved break from school. 


The Year 2 Team 


Monday 5th October 


Goodness me, we’re not sure where the weeks are going, they seem to be flying by! 


We have had a few questions asking why we move the children up on their spellings even though they may not have got them all correct in their test.  This is because we often complete work related to their new spellings during lessons to support their learning.  You can of course still continue to practise these with your children at home if you want to and when you think they are ready to be tested, drop us a note to let us know.  This is not compulsory though as we will work alongside the children to look at any spellings missed over the course of the term. The words that the children have as their spellings will be revisited and tested again several times throughout the year as they are the Year Two common exception words that all children are expected to know how to spell by the end of the year. 


Mrs. Withers sent out a reminder to all parents last week reminding parents that children should not be playing on the tyres after school.  We ask that all adults and children leave the school site as soon as possible to ensure space for social distancing and to prevent the mixing of bubbles. 


As part of our morning work this morning the children were asked to list their favourite games and toys. We were alarmed at the number of children telling us that they are playing computer games and accessing websites and apps that are totally unsuitable for children in Year Two.  Can we please stress that allowing children to play on games such as Fortnight or Grand Theft Auto is totally unacceptable and is a potential child protection issue, as is allowing children to access TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.   


Thank you for your support with reading at home.  There are many children reading over 3 times a week which is fabulous!  


If you have any questions please contact us through either email, or write a note in your child’s home/school diary. 



Monday 28th September 


All the children had yet another great week last week and thoroughly enjoyed our French Day on Thursday. 


Many children have scored higher on their spellings this week than last and it is great to hear how the children are trying really hard at home.

Spelling tests are each Monday and your child’s new spellings are highlighted in the back of their books. 


Due to the need to quarantine books that have been returned to school we have decided to only change reading books twice a week. Reading books will be changed on a Monday and Wednesday. Please write ‘new book please’ in your child’s home school book if they need a new book. 


As the weather has now turned and Autumn is upon us, can we please ask you to make sure your child has a warm, preferably waterproof coat each day. Due to the new layouts in our classroom and the increased time the children are needed to be sat at their desks, we will be trying to make sure the children get outdoor play every day, regardless of the weather. 


We are noticing that many children are not coming into school in the correct PE uniform. Children should wear black jogging bottoms, white T Shirt and a black jacket / hoodie. PE kit should not contain logo’s, pictures or text. Trainers should be non lace up unless your child can easily fasten their own laces. 


Can we please remember that children should not be bringing in rucksacks or bags other than lunch bags or book bags. If you do not have a book bag, books can be sent in a carrier bag. 



Monday 21st September 


What a busy week it has been!  Our P.E. sessions are on Mondays and Thursdays. Please remember to send your child into school wearing their PE kit on these days.  They will need to have a kit that is suitable for being outside.  If children have their ears pierced, can they please come to school without their earrings on PE days or can you please send in plasters to be kept in your child’s tray so that earrings can be covered. 


Thank you to all of you who have decided to try our FREE school packed lunches.  We have had many happy smiling faces this week.   


As MFL day falls on a Saturday this year, Year 2 have decided to hold their FRENCH day on Thursday 24th September.  Instead of a PE kit on this day, your child can come into school wearing anything that is red, white or blue if they would like to.  We are all looking forward to learning about their history, culture, language and food!  As all of the child information sheets have not yet been updated onto the school system can you please let us know if your child has any food allergies that we will need to be aware of before we carry out the food tasting on Thursday. 


 Please remember to complete the online Flu vaccine permissions form before 30th September. All children will be having their vaccination on Thursday 12th November.  


Today we have completed our first spelling test.  Please look in your child’s home/school book to see how they got on.  A new set of 5 has been highlighted for the children to learn ready for NEXT Monday.  Please note that there are different lists of words being taught for different children.  


Thank you for returning your personal information sheets so promptly.  If you have not yet done so, please can complete this as soon as possible so we can update our records. 



Monday 14th September 


Another week and the children are really settling back into school life again.  Can we please remind you to name all the clothing your child wears into school, as we have had many lovely new items already lost.  If an item is named, then it is much more likely to be returned to our classrooms.   


We hope you saw the photograph of the lovely school packed lunches Mrs Voisey is making each day.  In Year 2 your child is entitled to a free one every day if you would like them to have one. 


Next week (week beginning 21st September) we will be holding our class Modern Foreign Languages Day. This year, we will be looking at the country of France and learning about their culture, history and food!  Please look out for more information on this later. 


You should all have received an email from the office today regarding the annual Flu vaccine programme for children. Please complete the online permission form before 30th September. All children will be having their vaccination on Thursday 12th November.  


Today we have highlighted the spellings that we would like your children to learn for their spelling test on Monday. Please help your children learn their five words. 


Please look out for the personal information sheets that are coming home this week. We would like you to check all of the information and contact details for your child and send it back to us as soon as possible. 


Monday 7th September 2020


Welcome back!

We have sent your child home with a paper copy of our weekly newsletter and reminders for this half term.  In future we will update you each week on here, so keep a look out on a Monday evening!  We have put a copy of our Yearly Plan and our Generic Timetable in our 'Useful Information' section.


We are compiling an information pack, which would usually be given out at our Meet the Teacher Meeting.  With this not being able to take place this year, we will put everything you need on here. Please keep a look out in our 'Useful Information' section.