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Monday 16th March 2020


At this interesting time, it is understandable that many of you will have questions and concerns about the current situation we all find ourselves in. Mrs. Jones is keeping all parents aware of how this effects you and your children on the main web page and in regular newsletters and texts.


Last week your children were worked incredibly hard during our assessment week. All children worked very hard and great progress has been made. We will be finishing our last assessment tomorrow, I'm sure all the children will be pleased! As a thank you for all of their hard work last week and this, the children will be treated to an extra playtime and a film of their choice.


This week we will be looking at division in maths, we will look at how we can share items into groups and how we can use the inverse of multiplication to solve division problems.


We will be beginning to look again at the questions we have written about space and using fact finding methods to find some answers.


Over the next few weeks we will be revisiting the Year 2 common exception words for our spellings. These are the words that all Year Two children are expected to know by the time they leave Year 2. The full list of these words can be found in our useful documents section.


Next weeks spellings are









Monday 9th March 2020


Wow what a fantastic Book Day we had last week, all the children dressed up and looked fantastic! Last week the children had lots of opportunities to enjoy books. Stories were read, authors were talked about and all children took home a book from the book swap. We cannot emphasise enough how important stories are to children. Please take time to read to and with your children, listen to them read, share favourite stories, make up stories, visit the library.


Please make sure that you have all seen the Parent's evening letter that your child brought home with them today. Parent's evening will be held next week for 2C on the week beginning 23rd March for 2P, please indicate on the slip at the bottom of the letter all the time slots that are suitable for you and we will send home the time of your ten minute slot. Please be aware that appointments are given out on a first come first served basis.


This week is assessment week and the children are all working hard to show us just how hard they have been working.


We are also having a Sports relief week this week. Each day the Sports Leaders are running activities for each class to 'get us moving'. On Friday we are going to join the rest of the country by 'Getting Our Kit On'. For £1 (£2 per family) donation to the wonderful cause, children may come to school in sporty clothing.


Please don't forget it is Mother's Day Afternoon Tea this Tuesday and next Tuesday. This event has again been hugely popular and has sold out, please do not forget to attend if you have ticket.


This week there will be no Aspire but it will continue next week.











Monday 2nd March 2020


Finally a little bit of sunshine to start the week!


This week we will beginning our topic on space. We will be using non fiction books to find out facts that we can write about.


In maths we will looking at multiplication. You can help your children at home by helping them learn their 2, 3, 5 and  10 timestables.


If you have not yet done so, please return your child's Airport trip slip to school as soon as possible.


As I reminded you last week, please make sure your child has an indoor and outdoor PE in school at all times.


Diary Dates


Thursday 5th March - World Book day

Your child  may come to school dressed as book character. Children do not have to take part but should come in school uniform if they choose not to dress up.

Children have been asked to bring in a favourite book to share in class.


Friday 6th March - Book Swap

Children may bring in a pre-loved book to school to swap. This will be a great opportunity to share and discover new stories.


Thursday 26th March - Trip to the Airport

Please see the letter nearer date.




The spellings for next week are











Thursday 27th February 2020


Welcome back, we hope you all have a lovely week off and managed to escape most of the dreary weather!


First of all apologies for the late news update this week, there have been a number of timetable changed this week however next week you can expect the updated news by Tuesday morning as usual.


This week the children have enjoyed working with a cricket coach in the New Hall on Wednesday and have begun to develop their hockey skills with Mr Halfpenny on the yard on Thursday. Can we please remind you that all children are expected to have an indoor and outdoor PE kit in school at all times. Their indoor kit should contain a white T Shirt and black shorts with plimsols or indoor trainers and socks. Their outdoor kit should include a black tracksuit or a 'hoodie' and jogging bottoms with outdoor trainers and socks. Children will still be outdoors when it is cold and need to be dressed appropriately.


All children should have brought home their letter about our visit to East Midlands Airport, please make sure you sent back your reply slip as soon as possible.


The spellings for next week are;








Monday 10th January 2020


Last week was another interesting week at KWS due to our closure on Thursday,thank you to you all for quickly spreading the message to ensure all children were collected swiftly.


This week we are continuing our topic on mixed up fairy tales and will be writing our own extended stories. In Maths we will be continuing our topic on money, many children have told us how they have been practising counting and using 'real money' at home.


Please don't forget that Mr Cross will be holding the second part of the SATs preparation meeting this Tuesday. The arrangements will be the same as last time. All parents attending the 3.30pm meeting should go straight to the New Hall and we will look after the children until the end of the meeting. We are not able to provide childcare for the 5.30pm meeting, we ask you to arrange alternative arrangements. 


We will be holding the Key Stage 1 disco after school on Wednesday. Children can bring a change of clothes into school to change into before the disco and should be collected from the classroom, as usual at the end of the disco. Unfortunately Monday was the last date for sending back the form and payment, if you have not returned this back to school, unfortunately it is now too late to do so.


The spellings for after half term are








We break up for half term on Friday and will return Monday 24th February. We hope you all have a lovely half term break.



Monday 3rd January 2020


Wow! what a busy week last week turned into with out visit from Ofsted. As Mrs. Jones has written in her message to you all, we are so very proud of all of our children and their fantastic attitude they show towards school everyday!


Last week the children had a really enjoyable visit from The Playhouse, they all loved watching the production of Pinocchio.


Thank you to all of you that attended the SATs preparation meeting, we hope you found it useful and we look forward to working with you more at our next SATs meeting on 11th February.


This week we will be continuing our topic on mixed up fairytales, we will be looking at well known plots and characters and adding our own ideas to create our own unique stories.


In maths we will be beginning our topic on money, as we mentioned last week please support your children at home by giving them the opportunity to earn, save, spend and count real money. With so many of us now opting to pay via card or even with our phones it can be surprising how little experience our children get to handle or even see coins and notes.


This week most children in 2P have scored very well in their spellings test and the number of children reading 3 or more times a week at home is rapidly rising. Thank you for the support you are giving your children at home, it really does impact upon your child's development in school.


Next weeks spellings are








Aspire sessions have not happened the last two weeks but will take place this week and next.


Sorry there seems to be a lot of information this week. As always please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any problems or concern.


Monday 27th January 2020


This week we are looking forward to our visit from the on Tuesday Playhouse for their performance of Pinocchio. 

We will be continuing our Fairy tales topic this week and will beginning to mix up these tales to create and write our own stories.

In maths we will be continuing to look at column addition and subtraction. Next week we will be beginning our next topic on money, you can begin to support your children by giving them opportunities to identify, count, pay and give change using 'real money'. This is a great opportunity for children to earn their own money by being helpful at home and then spend their earnings in a shop. Please work with differing amounts not just rounded figures. eg, 26p to load the dishwasher, £1.12 for tidying their bedroom.


Mr Cross will be holding the SATs preparation meeting this Tuesday at 3.30 pm and 5.30 pm in the New Hall, childcare will be provided for the 3.30 pm, children should not be brought to the 5.30 pm meeting.


Please continue to support their children with their reading, spellings and times tables at home.


Monday 20th January 2020


Last week we had a visit from author Billy Bob Buttons. The children loved meeting him and listening to him read his stories. He talked about how he writes stories and he gave tips on how to be a better writing. This week the children will be putting his tips into action as they write character descriptions of characters from well known fairy tales.


In Maths we will be beginning to look at column addition and subtraction and we will be stressing the importance of checking our own work.


Thank you to the parents that came to see me during the 2P 'drop in session' last Thursday. I hope it was useful to everyone that came. If you would still like to come to arrange an appointment to come to see me, let me know.


Mr Cross has sent home a letter to all Year 2 parents today about the SATS meetings he will be holding. These will be on 28.1.20  at 3.35pm and 5.30pm and again on 11.2.20 at 3.35pm and 5.30pm.




All children are expected to read at least 3 times each week and have this recorded in their reading diary.


All children are expected to learn their spellings each week for a test each Monday.


All children should be beginning to learn their 2's, 5's and 10's times tables. This can be done on Times Tables Rockstars if they wish, the log in is in the back of their green homework diary.


Other ideas of how you can help your children at home are sent home each week with their weekly spellings.


Thank you for your continued support


Year 2 Team


Monday 13th January 2020


A few reminders this week,


Last week a letter came home telling you about the performance of Pinocchio, if you have not already done so can you please return the slip with the £3 (this can also be paid online).


Miss Peat will be holding her drop in session for 2P on Thursday from 2-4, please note that this is an informal session for you to drop in and ask any questions you may have about the class, the curriculum, the year group or you child. Please do not feel you have to attend if you do not have any questions however, all are welcome. If you still feel you would like a parents evening appointment, this will be arranged.


Mr Cross sent out a letter about the SATs preparation meetings he will be holding on January 28th and February 11th, from 3.35pm. This meeting will be for the parents only however we will be happy to look after the children while you attend the meeting.


Many children last week did not have a PE kit, please make sure you child has a PE kit in school everyday.


Monday 6th January 2020


Welcome back to the Spring Term, we hope you have all have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. This term has seen a few changes to our Year group. You have all received an email during the holidays to let you know that Miss Peat will now be teaching in Year 2 for the remainder of the year as Mr Allsopp has moved to Year 5. All children have coped incredibly well with this change and were all ready to make a great start to a new year with a new teacher this morning (they also enjoyed seeing Mr Allsopp and have promised to give him regular, smiles, high fives and updates!)


Can I remind all parents that each week our new spellings will be sent home on a Tuesday and will be tested the following Monday, please help your child learn their spellings each week.


It is also a school expectation that your child reads at least three times a week. This should then be recorded in their green reading record book. Each week children will be rewarded with raffle tickets if they have read the expected three times.


This Friday your child will be beginning their new Aspire group. All children that will be in the Forest Schools group will have received a letter to let you know what they will need.


The parents of 2P have been invited to a drop in meeting on Thursday 16th January between 2-4pm, to be held in place of the missing parents evening last term. This will be an opportunity to come to meet your child's new teacher and ask any question you may have. Following this meeting Miss Peat will be happy to arrange individual parents meetings for anyone that wishes to discuss their child's individual progress further. 


Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to going forward, working together in our new team this term.