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Thursday 11th February

Daily message:


I am so, so, SO sorry - but after 3 consecutive days of having trouble with the daily videos, I have given in! Please look at this daily message for the home-learning today.


Mr. Cross's Zoom @ 9:30 - Phonics


I will be available to run through the activities for this morning's phonics session. Today we are practising our speed reading again, repeatedly reading a text in order to get quicker and quicker - the aim is to try and read the whole text in 60 seconds or less!




Use the shared text from yesterday to plan your writing inspired by "Let's save the animals". Use the -ing words that we practised yesterday and the habitats that we have learned about to plan sentences with a co-ordinating conjuction - the word "and".


Mr. Cross's Zoom @ 11:30 - Maths


Mr. Cross will be available at 11:30am to teach today's maths session. We will be looking at representations of number and how we can see numbers to 50 written and shown in different ways.



Science Assessment


Please let your child complete the science assessment as independently as possible. You may help read the words and the questions, but please do not explain how to complete the activities. If you can share this with us, that would be great. It will help us understand how successful our unit of home-learning has been.


Mr. Cross's Zoom @ 11:30 - Story


Mr. Cross will be available at 2:30 to share a story and provide some extra activities if you would like to do somthing this afternoon.


Have a fabulous day, and sorry again for the daily video stress!