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School Closure Pictures

Abbie setting free butterflies that had transformed from caterpillars!

Eva's Bin Bag Clothing!

Eva's Lifecycle of a Flower Work

Oliver's Static Electricity Experiment

Abbie's Static Electricity Experiment

Eva's 3D Shapes

Oliver making electrical circuits

Abbie's Punch and Judy puppets

Oliver's Science Experiments

Eva has completed every single Joe Wicks PE workout - fantastic effort! Well done.

Josh's Paper Water Theme Park

Peyton's Enviroment Poster

Freddie's PE with Joe certificate - well done, Freddie!

Oliver's marble run game

Peyton's Free Write Friday Cheetah Diary

Evie K's Homemade Chocolate Cake

Eva's red velvet cup cakes

Eva's Grace Darling Plate

Abbie's Grace Darling Plate

Noah's Lighthouse

Alex's Lighthouse

Abbie's Lighthouse

Eva's Lego Lighthouse

Oliver's Lighthouse Drawing

Evelyn's Homemade Lighthouse

Josh's Homemade Lighthouse

Freddie's maritime bravery medal design and picture a newly discovered fish

Evelyn - Making bird houses

Mia Garrett - Haiku poem about a lighthouse:


You guide the sail boats
Away from the very dangerous random rocks
You save everyone at sea.

Mia - Hour of Code Certificate. Well done!

Evelyn - Giraffe Sketch

Nelson Mandela quote chosen by Noah

Rosie - VE Rhubarb Crumble for an Ashfield District Council competition (she won!)

Abbie VE Day Bunting

Oliver - Sewing a cushion cover

Noah Houlton - Whale Sketch

Oliver Hare - Local Habitats

Rosie - Homemade Rainbow Cake for an Ashfield District Council Competition

Eva Machin - Elephant Sketch

Freddie - South Africa Fact File

Freddie - Bird Watching!

Bird Spotting Fun!

Mia Garrett - MRS NERG Living Things Poster

Abbie Gamble - Bird Spotting

Freddie Phillips - Hindu vraj bracelet design and still life drawing

Oliver Hare - MRS NERG living things poster

Noah Houlton - South Africa Flag and Fact File

Eva Machin - Hindu Vraj Bracelet

Freddie Phillips - Environment Poster

Noah Houlton - 'Saving the Environment' poster

Freddie Phillips - Esther Mahlangu inspired South African artwork

Oliver Hare - Lion Sketch