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Reading Track

Reading Track


As you will know reading is one of the important experiences your child can have, whether reading to themselves or sharing books with others. Therefore we are excited to introduce our reading reward system to further promote reading.

Each child will be issued a reading track record at the start of term that you keep at home and complete.


What you need to do:-

Read regularly with your child. Remember children love bedtime stories and often have favourite books that they love to read time and time again. They can also have a library book which can be changed weekly from school. Please return library books before taking more.


Write the title of one book (please do not just tick the box) you read each day on your reading chart until you complete 50 books.  Please note that you can only write down one title each day, even if you share more than one book with your child. So a total of 7 books completed a week.


Once you have completed your reading record (50 books) then please return the chart to school for us to celebrate and we will mark this off on their book mark. A new chart will be issued to start again  and you will work towards the next award on the book mark. Once your child has shared 250 books the book mark,  a certificate and reading book will be awarded.