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Home Learning (Individual children self-isolating)

The content on this page is for any child who can't be in school, but is able to do work at home. The aim is that children are still able to access learning, even when they are unable to attend school. 


If your child is isolating at home due to Covid-19 reasons, please follow the daily work in this section. If your child's whole class bubble is at home isolating, please follow the WHOLE CLASS working from home section. 


The learning is organised into daily lessons and a weekly timetable has been created to help you structure the lesson times. If you would like a physical work pack, please contact school and we will print one off for you. There is also the link to the BBC Bitesize lessons your year group, if you want additional work to do.


School will aim to contact you / your child during their absence to check on how they are finding the work. If you or your child need to ask any questions, you should email the teacher directly. 


Below, you will find 10 days of lessons in Maths, English and Topic produced by one of our Academy schools - Sir John Sherbrooke.



Below you will find 10 lessons which you can complete if you are having to work from home. For each lesson there is a PDF file which contains a help page, questions and the answers to the question. In addition to this, there are website links to videos/help pages to further support with the skills/knowledge being taught for each lesson. You should complete one lesson each day.



Below you will find 10 lessons of learning within one PDF. You will need to scroll through to find each day and they are clearly labelled at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to work through the correct amount of work each day.

Answers and hints are also displayed on the pages.

Check out the Youtube links at the bottom of each page for more interesting and helpful tips.