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Internet Safety

Kirkby Woodhouse School Online Safety

  • I will only use ICT in school for school purposes.
  • I will not tell other people my ICT passwords.
  • I will only open/delete my own files.

  • I will make sure that all ICT contact with other children and adults is responsible, polite and sensible.

  • I will not deliberately look for, save or send anything that could be unpleasant or nasty.

  • If I accidently find anything like this I will tell my teacher immediately.

  • I will not give out my own details such as my name, phone number or home address.

  • I will be responsible for my behaviour when using ICT because I know that these rules are to keep me safe.

  • I will support the school approach to online safety and not deliberately upload or add images, video, sounds or text that could upset any member of the school community.

  • I know that my use of ICT can be checked and that my parent/carer will be contacted if a member of school staff is concerned about my on-line safety.



    Kirkby Woodhouse School Online Safety Guidance For Parents/Carers

    Schools generally are becoming increasingly aware that children are accessing age inappropriate material through online gaming and general internet activities. Below you will find guidelines and advice to help you keep your child safe:


    * A Parents’ Guide to Technology:

    * Internet Parental Control:

    * Safety Tools on Social Networks:

    * Online Gaming:

    * Music, Film, TV and the Internet:

    * Young People and Social Networking Site:

    * Parent Port:


    Where to report/get help:

    * Need Help?

    * Child Exploitation and Online Protection:

  • CEOP’s Think u Know website contains information for children and parents, as well as a link for children to report abuse online. Certain sections of this website are suitable for certain age groups: 5 to 7, 8 to 10 and Parent/Carers.