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HOME SCHOOL Acrostic Poems


Happy to be at home but miss my friends and Miss McHugh, 


Oh I would love to be at school again,


My the homework is hard,


Everyday I do the Joe Wicks workout,


So my brain is ready for the day ahead!


Can't wait to be be back at school again,


Hoping to come back into Year 4,


Once all this mess is over!


One day I will see my friends again but in the meantime


Listening to David Walliams' audio is the best part of the day!


By Eva Machin

HOME SCHOOL by Noah Houlton



Home is where I am

Outside I want to play

Maths is my favourite

Early in the morning


Science is fun

Coronavirus shut the school

How I miss my friends

Oh how I wish I was on holiday

Ok I'm stuck inside

Longing to escape


By Dylan Miles

HOME SCHOOL by Abbie Gamble

HOME SCHOOL by Joshua Daykin

Working at Home by Evie Humphreys


Home School Poem by Kieron Brown

HOME SCHOOL by Alex Wakefield