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Home Learning (Individual Children Self Isolating)

Sorry you are having to work from home again. The work below is for you if you are having to isolate but the rest of the class are still in school.


Below you will find a link for 10 days of lessons in Maths, English and Topic produced by one of our Academy schools - Sir John Sherbrooke. Please follow this for English and Topic each day.  Maths lessons are below for you to follow along with our topic in school on 'mass'. (If you would like extra maths to do you are welcome to follow the time lessons on Sir John Sherbrooke's website.)


There is also the link to the BBC Bitesize lessons for your year group, if you want additional work to do.


If you or your child need to ask any questions, you should email Mrs Hinchley, Mrs Davidson or Mrs Chambers - we will be happy to help.