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Home Learning (Individual Children Self Isolating)

Below you will find 10 days worth of work to complete at home. We have uploaded timetables for the 10 days so you know exactly what activities are expected on each day.


Everyday, there will be a daily arithmetic activity and either a short reading comprehension OR spelling activity. There will also be a daily maths worksheet which links to the learning of the four rules of number and daily English worksheet which links to a short  unit of work based on the book, 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' (which the children have read in school). 


We don't expect you to print out ANY of the worksheets. We are happy for you to complete the work on paper or some of the work has been uploaded as a Word document, if you would like your child to type up their work.


The content on this page is for any individual child who can't be in school, due to Covid 19 reasons, but is able to do work at home. The aim is that children are still able to access learning, even when they are unable to attend school. We do not expect your child to complete the work if they are poorly.


If you or your child need to ask any questions, you should email the teacher or school office.