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Home Learning from January 20th onwards

This section contains the Home Learning for children who are isolating whilst school remains open. There is no expectation for your child to complete these lessons if they are poorly.


There are Phonics, Maths, English, Reading and Geography activities for your child to complete.  They can be viewed and copied onto paper from the screen or printed out,  whichever is best for you.


If you need further help, please email your child's teacher-

        2VW - Mrs Vernon: or

                   Mrs Wilkinson:  


       2RW - Mrs Roebuck: or

                  Mrs Withers:  

Home Learning 17.1.22


We hope you are all feeling ok and have managed to have some fun this weekend. Below is the work for today with all of the resources that you will need. 



aw / au watch the video and then write down as many aw / au words that you can remember. If you are struggling watch again and see if you can write more down as you go. Try to read all the words back by sounding them out carefully.



See the sheet below that asks you to add 'ed' to verbs ending in 'y'. Read the instructions carefully at the top which explains how to do this task. Remember that the vowels are 'a,e,i,o,u' and all other letters are consonants. 



We are starting to think about how we might write our own diary entry. Today we would like you to look at the power point below and then look at each diary entry. Can you find all of the key elements that are needed for a diary piece in each entry? We have included a sheet of things to find. Either highlight these elements or just tick the box if it is difficult to highlight or if you can not print the sheet just read the entries and spot them. 



We have been working on multiplication for a few weeks now. Today we would like you to solve the list of multiplication problems on the sheet below. Please show how you have solved these problems either with pictures, arrays, counting in 2, 5 etc. 



We are continuing with our topic of The Great Fire of London. Think about what London looked like when the Great Fire of London started and also what London looks like today. Cut out the pictures and decide if they are from London then or London now. 


Home Learning 14-01-2022


Digraph ph

Click on the link below to watch the video on the digraph ph



Contractions - complete the worksheet that can be found in the resource section below.



5 Times Table song

Click on the link in the resources section to listen to and join in the song.


Complete the 5 Times Table worksheet.

This can be found in the resource section.



Reading comprehension - Great Fire of London - Diary Extract.

Complete both part 1 and part 2.

This can be found in the resource section below.



Great Fire of London timeline.

Place the events in the correct chronological order.

The worksheet can be found in the resources section below.

Home Learning - 13-01-2022



Digraph wh

Click on the link below in resources to watch the lesson on wh


Compound Words - complete the sheet that is under resources below.



2 times table

Click on the link to listen to and join in the song.

Complete the 2 times table worksheet



Write a Great Fire of London poem.

Using the words collected yesterday on the senses sheet. Write a poem using the starters:-

I can see...

I can hear...

I can smell...

I can feel...



Art - Great Fire of London artwork

Children create their own fire picture using any materials that they may have at home.  Try and use different textures etc..

If you are able please send a photograph of your finished picture.

Examples can be found in the resource section below.


Home Learning 12-01-2022

Please find below the activities and resources for the home learning.



Split digraph a_e - watch the video on the link in the resources section below.

Complete the Writing your own Sentence worksheet.  This can be found in the resources section below.  Remember to include all the punctuation that we looked at last week - capital letters and full stops.



Times Tables - play the game Hit the Button.  Use the link in the resources to access it.

Complete the Use Arrays worksheets - this is in the resources section below.



Great Fire of London - complete the senses worksheet.  Add words or phrases that can be used to describe what you can see, hear, feel and smell.

The worksheet can be found in the resources section below.



Great Fire of London - watch The Great Fire of London Magic Grandad video - this will help with work that will be set later in the week.

(Click on the link in the resources section below)

PE - Andy's Wild Workout - In the Air

(Click on the link in the resources section below)

Hip Hop dance

(Click on the link in the resources section below)


Home Learning 11.01.22

Please find below the resources for today's home learning.



Watch the video from the link about e_e split digraph.

Complete the worksheet entitled Word Jumble.


Watch the video about multiplication .

Complete the worksheet - Multiplication sentences using the x symbol.


Look at the game on Topmarks about suffixes - click on the link in the resources.

Complete the worksheet on ful and ness.

Music - Here is Pudding Lane

Click on the link under resources to access the activity


ICT - go on Times Table Rockstars - logins will be sent later this morning for them to access the activities.

Begin with the 2, 5 and 10 times table.


Home learning 10.1.22


Good morning,

Below we have put all of the resources that you will need for todays learning. In English we are adding 'ful' and 'less' as a suffix to words to make new words. Your child should complete the worksheet and then have a go at the word search. If they want to challenge themselves they could have a go at then writing these words into a sentence.  

In maths we have included the worksheets to continue our multiplication topic. 

For the afternoon we would like the children to follow the link and play the Great Fire of London game. This should introduce our new topic to the children. After this they should write down 3 new facts they have learnt about this topic. 

We will also do doing the daily mile in school so if your child is feeling up to it they could follow a short PE session to do a little bit of exercise. 


Please check back here tomorrow for tomorrows learning.



Year Two team   

Below you will find the timetable for the learning for this week. (11.10.21). You will also find a resources folder containing any extra resources that you might need. If you have any problems with any of this please contact school and we will assist in any way we can. We will be doing 2 Zoom sessions a day. One in a morning at 9.30 am and one at 1.30pm. Please join in if you feel well enough. These will start from tomorrow, however you will find work for the children to complete starting from today. Many thanks and pleased stay safe. 


Year 2 team   

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