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Day Three


Read / listen to the poem, 'Dog in the Playground' by Allan Ahlberg.


Activity One: Answer the four 'quickfire' comprehension questions about the poem.


Activity Two: Imagine there is an animal lose on our school playground. Use your imagination – the animal can be as exotic as you like or it could be a dog like in the poem!


Write a diary entry recounting the events – you are retelling the story of what happened when the animal was lose on the playground.


What I am looking for:

  • Diary entry that starts with: Dear Diary,
  • Use of 1st person (I, we, me, us)
  • Use of past tense (the event has already happened so you will need to use the past tense version of verbs e.g. walked, ran, was, were)
  • Use of thoughts and feelings (tell the reader how you were feeling and what you were thinking when it was happening)
  • Use of fronted adverbials at the start of sentences, making sure you put a comma afterwards


Write your diary entry in your exercise book, on the printed worksheet or type up in the text box on the Word doc.

Wellbeing Wednesday - Choose An Activity From the Grid

Please note - if your child would like to join in, Mr. Aldridge will be delivering a live 'circuit-style' P.E session at 1:30pm on Zoom. All welcome.