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Day Three

NB - If you choose to the mastery activities, please bear in mind there are 3 of them. Choose one and complete that activity, rather than do all 3! 

Today, for English, you are finishing your Hiccup story. You will be writing your problem, resolution and ending.


Read Miss McHugh's problem, resolution and ending - remember you can 'magpie' ideas from her story to help you (that means you can take little bits and change them slightly) but you can't copy it exactly. Use your planning to write your own problem, resolution and ending. 


You can continue typing your Hiccup story on the Word document template from yesterday or write the rest of the story in your exercise book.


Remember all the things I am looking for: fronted adverbial sentence starters, correctly punctuated direct speech, paragraphs and a story that follows the structure of the planning sheet.

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