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Day One


NB - if you choose the mastery activities, please bear in mind there are 3 levels of activity, and we suggest you choose one rather than do all 3!
A Word document of the story planning template has been uploaded so, if you would like, your child can type their planning straight into the text boxes on the template. Instructions for today's English task is at the top of the story planning template sheet.

NB - this is an activity/project to be completed over the course of the rest of this week.


Use the templates above, which can be printed (PDF) or edited and used on a computer (Word) to design a concertina leaflet that advertises things to do in York for tourists. 

The web link to will help you find examples of attractions. Consider the following ideas for the leaflet:

- Historical places

- Shopping

- Sport and Exercise

- Museums

- Places to eat

- Things for kids to do


Choose some of the above. Use pictures (drawn or collaged) and brief sentences that persuade the reader that visiting York is a great thing to do.


Your completed leaflets can be emailed to Mr. Aldridge or shown at an afternoon Zoom later in the week. Good luck!