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Day Four

Watch the video showing two Vikings cooking a traditional Viking pork stew. Take note of the ingredients they use and the way they prepare and cook the ingredients. 


Your task is to write the instructions for this Viking dish. You will need to include:

- a title (telling the reader what the recipe is for)

- an introduction (two or three sentences explaining to the reader what they will be making and why they should try making the dish)

- list of ingredients

- method (numbered steps explaining to reader how to make the dish)


In the method, I am looking for:

- imperative (bossy) verbs

- time conjunctions

- adverbs / adverbials

There is a word mat to use for key vocabulary.


You can write the recipe in your exercise book, print off the recipe template and write on the sheet or type your recipe on the Word doc template. You can watch the video several times to remind yourself. Read my example of a Viking recipe to remind yourself of the features I am looking for.


Send your written recipe instructions to Miss McHugh to read and mark.
Join Miss McHugh at 1.30pm on Zoom for a 'live' History lesson. We will complete this work together during the session.