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Day Five

Times Tables
Your score on TTR (above) will come through to Miss McHugh and Mr. Aldridge so we can monitor your progress now we are half way through year 4!

The main task for today's maths is the Roman Numerals Mastery worksheet.


However, there is an alternative worksheet uploaded if you feel your child needs additional practise writing Roman Numerals for numbers 1 - 30. There are a few 'trickier' ones (which I have highlighted on the answer sheet so you know which ones your child may need extra support with).

Use the template above and either print it out and add your own information, pictures and colouring to publish it (PDF) or do the same on a lap top or device to publish it digitally (Word) or design your own from scratch...


We are asking you to give an award to someone (this can be someone you know from home or someone you know from school) who deserves a special mention for the following things during lockdown:

- Caring for you and keeping in touch

- Helping you with work and when you feel sad or a little down

- Being positive and cheerful

- Producing good quality work and taking care in what they do


The person you choose will be the person who the certificate is written and published for. 


Next, use the question prompt sheet to reflect on your year in Year 4 so far.


Be prepared to share your certificates and reflections on Zoom at 2.00pm with Miss McHugh. We will also end this half term by playing some fun games!