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Friday 27th March


Good morning. Fantastic work yesterday guys, we’ve seen some fantastic stories, great materials work and we saw that lots of you went on TTRock stars yesterday too.


Today your English task is one of our favourites. We want you to spend some time with a great book. You might be reading the book by yourself, with a grown up, to a brother or sister or even to a grandparent on a video message. Next in your ‘working from home’ book write a book review. Write what the book is about, what happens in the story, who the characters are and if you like they book and why. You might even give the book a mark out of ten. When you have finished you can want to draw a picture, it could be a copy of the front cover, a new front cover or a picture of one of the characters or events in the story.


Your Maths task today is to complete at least 3 of the time challenge cards. Can you complete them all? When you have finished you might like to have a go at writing and answering your own time challenges in you book.


Your Topic task today is a Make It Challenge. Today we want you to build something, anything! Use whatever you want to build with, it might be a Lego creation, a den in the back garden, a toy village a play dough cake. Please send us your photo’s so we can post them on the website for you all to see.


Well done everyone for a great first week off school, I know everything is a little different at the moment but you are doing so well. I can see from all the smiles on the photos that you are enjoying all the extra time with your grownups and although things are different for the grown up too, I’m sure they are enjoying all the time they are spending with you.

Over the weekend we won’t be sending you any work and we want you to take some time off. Spend time playing, maybe go on a rainbow hunt (we spotted 5 yesterday), watch some films, read stories, play on you consoles, play in the garden and look out for the next message on Monday morning.

Have a lovely weekend, take care and keep smiling!


See you soon


Miss Peat and Mr Cross


Thursday 26th March


Good Morning, I hope you are all enjoying this lovely sunshine, I know I am. How you did you all get on with yesterday’s task? I know a few of you found the reading a bit of a challenge but well done for trying your best.


Today’s English task is a story write. We want you to write a story about an exciting day. This might be a recount of an exciting day you have had, maybe a day out somewhere or a birthday party or it might be an imaginary day for example a day you went to space or the day you dived to the bottom of the sea. Use your imagination, good spelling and make sure you use exciting sentences. As you write make sure you re read your work to check that it makes sense and make changes if they are needed. You can write this story in you Working from Home book.


Today’s Maths activity is times tables, we have sent home a 5 and 10 times tables sheet but you can spend time practicing any table that you need to. Don’t forget about TTRockstars if you would prefer to practise your tables here instead of on the sheet. If you can’t remember you log in and password you should all have stuck it in the back of your green home books. If you can’t find your log in you can email Miss Peat as Mr Cross is working in school again today and we can easily send you your password and login.


Your Topic work today is the Bend, Stretch and Squash sheet. You might not be able to find objects for each of the materials but try your best and do as many as you can.


Now it’s time to remember the promise again that many of you made last week at school. Promise that you are not spending all of your time working and promise that you are not spending all of your time on screens. The three tasks you are given even day shouldn’t take too long. You might choose to get them all done at once in the morning to get them out the way or you might choose to spread them out throughout the day with breaks for snacks, playing in the garden, arts and crafts, TV, gaming time, video calling friends and family. It’s important that you keep learning but it’s also important to have time for the other things too.


I thought I’d send you all a joke this morning


Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Cargo who?

Car go, “Toot toot, vroom vroom!”


I know it’s awful, if you have any better jokes, send us an email and we might even post some on the website tomorrow.


See you soon

Miss Peat and Mr Cross


Wednesday 25th May


Hello again, how did yesterday go? Did anyone have a go on Kids quiz using their Alexa? Don’t forget to keep sending your photos and emails, its lovely to see how you are all getting on.


Your English work for today is a reading comprehension – Walk the Plank. Remember to read the writing carefully and think about the answers. If you are copying parts of the text to answer the question remember it is easier if you underline the bit you are copying first. You should be able to do this without help so let your grown ups grab a cup of tea while you try your best, I’m sure they will help you though if you get stuck.


Your Maths today is an arithmetic quiz. Remember to show your working out for each question, you could write column sums, use the part part whole methods, draw number lines, sticks etc. When you have finished make sure your check your work to make sure that you haven’t made silly mistakes.


Your Topic work today is The Day The Materials Went Wrong, let your imagination run away with you and write a really funny dairy. Imagine a cereal bowl made out of fabric and a spoon made out of rubber, or maybe a bath made out of bricks and a sponge made out of glass! You might choose to do this this in your books instead of the sheet if your have a longer story your would like to write.


Have you been on a Rainbow Hunt yet? Lots of families are putting rainbows in their windows for children to spot if they go out on a family walk. Maybe you could design a rainbow of your own, it could be a painting, a drawing, a collage, I’ve even seen a Lego rainbow . At our house we have drawn a life size Rainbow Man super hero that we have stuck in the window.


Well done guys, you are all working really well and having lots of fun at home, Keep it up!


See you soon


Miss Peat and Mr Cross


Tuesday 24th March


Well done everyone, we loved all the messages and photos you sent us yesterday. It looks like everyone worked hard and had lots of fun!


If you didn’t get chance to catch it yesterday, try to log on to Joe Wicks PE lesson this morning at 9am on YouTube. Lots of you have been telling us how much you enjoyed it, I know I did!


Today Maths work builds on the hard work you did yesterday. Today we are looking at time again but today we want you to begin to tell the time when it is a quarter to. Again you have a sheet to complete but why not get the clocks out again or have a go at making your own clocks.


Your English work today is to complete SPaG Mat 4. You might need to help your grown ups today to understand all the ‘clever’ words we are used to using. As you complete the mat why don’t you have a go at writing your own example for some or all of the sections of the mat in you books.


Your topic work today is a page of challenges based on materials, have a go at some or all of these challenges. You can use the challenges as talking activities with your grown ups or you could write your answers in your book.


Well done everyone, keep the pictures and the emails coming.


If you have an Alexa have you tried playing Kids Quiz? Have a go and see how many stars you can collect each day!


See you soon


Miss Peat and Mr Cross


Monday 23rd March


Good Morning Guys, this is our first day of working together at home. Just remember that promise that some of you made if you were in on Friday, you promised not to spend all day working! You also promised not to spend the whole day in front of a screen!


Today make sure you do the work we have asked you to do, try to spend some time reading and spend some time with your toys. Also why don’t you try really hard to be the reason someone smiles today? Maybe you could say ‘thank you’ without being asked, tidy away your toys when you have finished or take turns with your brother or sister.


Today’s Maths work is about time. Ask an adult to help you learn how to tell the time when it is quarter past the hour. Try to fill in the sheet, also try to keep your eye on the clock to see if you can see when it’s quarter past.


Your English work today is spelling. Have a go at spelling each of the words on the sheet. When you have finished you might try to practise some more words or have a go at writing sentences in your book using today’s words.


Your Topic work today is a sheet about materials, think hard about why each object is made from the material it is made out of. Is it because it is strong? Because it is waterproof? Because it is warm?


We hope you have fun working from home today. Don’t forget we are going to be off school a while so it is important that we carry on learning.


You can send us an email whenever you want, you might want to ask us a question about your work, send us a quick hello or send us photos of what you have been up to. We might even put some of your photos on the website so don’t forget to tell us if you don’t want them on there.


Have a lovely day; we look forward to hearing from you soon

Miss Peat and Mrs Cross