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Aspire Policies followed by KWS

Please follow the link below to view the Aspire Policies followed by KWS.


- Aspire Data Protection.  

- Aspire Appraisal Policy / Performance Management of Staff and Capability.

- Aspire Disciplinary Procedure and Code of Conduct. - Including dealing with allegations of abuse against staff. 

- Aspire Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

- Aspire Designated Teacher for Looked After and Previously Looked After Children. 

- Aspire Supporting pupils with Medical Conditions.

- Aspire Behaviour Policy with KWS specific appendix.

- Aspire Exclusions Policy.

- Aspire Anticorruption and bribery policy.

- Aspire Whistleblowing.

- Aspire Complaints Policy.

- Aspire Attendance Policy with KWS specific appendix.

- Aspire Risk Management and strategy and Risk Register.