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Week beginning 10/06/19

this week the children have been exploring more of their rain forest topic, looking at the animals that live there and where rain forests are. The children have written acrostic poems about the rain forest too. 

In maths the children are recapping the four rules and shape. 

Next week is Shining Cliff!

The children will be coming to school for normal time and will return to school by home time the following day. Please ensure they have a suitable bag to carry their things as they will be needing to carry this bag from the bus to the cabin. 

Week beginning 04/06/19

 Welcome back after [we hope] a lovely half term. 

The children have been thrown into our new topic- The Rainforest. They have learnt about where in the world you can find a rainforest, the weather and climate of a rainforest and the animals that live there. 

The children have compare KWS to a rainforest and even written a postcard as if they were in the rainforest. 

For Maths the children have recapped partitioning and are working on making amounts with different coins for the rest of the week. 

Children will need to return their slips to express their wishes to join in the end f year play by this Friday.

Next Wednesday [12th June]  is Class Photo Day. 

It is soon Shining Cliff week. We have organised who will be going on which days and you will be informed of which day your child is going by the end of this week.

The Year 2 team

Week beginning 20.05.19

The children have been exploring in maths, they had to use their directional skills to find the clues and then their Mathematical knowledge to solve the clues. 

In literacy the children are learning stories by the Ahlbergs. They have written a character description of Mr Biff the Boxer, given a new ending to Mrs Vole the Vet and much more. Our topic of authors has been a wonderful way to explore and dive into literacy. The children have seemed to enjoy it as much as we have. 

Next week is half term. The children will be bringing their bean plants home to look after them.  We will be setting specific places for the plants to go. This way the children will record their findings and share on our return. Investigating the best places for a plant to grow and why. 

We hope you have a lovely half term. 

The Year 2 Team

Week beginning 13.05.19

This week the children have been enjoying the sunshine! 

They have been working hard learning about plants in science. The children have planted a bean and are going to be taking care of it in order for it to grow.  They have also been looking at the parts of a flower, what a plant needs to grow healthy and creating a poster to show this. 

In Maths the children have been working on reading scales. They have looked at reading temperature and weight.

Week Beginning 06.05.19

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend even if it was a bit chilly. This week the children have been working really hard with their Secret Agent Training {SATs}. The papers are sat in the mornings and in the afternoons the children are completing tasks related to Julia Donaldson, our focus author. We have read stories, copied the style of drawings by the illustrator Axel Scheffler and created our own Zog creatures. 

This friday the children will be treated in the afternoon with a surprise party. A thank you for all the hard work they are doing this week. 

Please remember teachers will need to know about any absences for this week as we will need to get the children to do their SATs by the end of May. We would also appreciate any outstanding money for snacks this term. Thank you 

Week Beginning 29.04.19

The children are focusing on the four rules in maths. This is addition, subtraction, multiplication and division please work with your child as often as possible on these. 

We are prepping for SATs. These will be next week! 

The children will know them as Secret Agents Training, they will be split into groups to help with concentration and spacing. 

Please let your class teacher know if you are planning any time away next week. 

You will have already received a letter regarding SATs next week. We will opening the doors at 8:40 for breakfast and a party Friday afternoon. Therefore there will be no ASPIRE afternoon.  


Week Beginning 01.04.19

In Maths this week the children have been working with measurements. They have looked at measuring lines, pictures and objects. They have also worked on adding measurements in cm. 

In literacy the children watched a clip of 'The Moon Landing' and wrote about it. For the rest of the week the children will be focusing on nouns, expanded nouns, adverbs and verbs. 

Friday is the Easter Bonnet Parade. This will start at 2:30pm. You are welcome to come along and watch your child in the parade. The children are able to leave once the parade has finished BUT you must collect them from their classroom. 

We hope you have a lovely Easter Holiday. 

See you on Tuesday 23rd April. 

The Year 2 Team. 



Week Beginning 25.03.19

The children have been working hard this week. They have been going through past Reading papers. Looking at the language of the questions and working with a peer to tackle how best to answer. 

In Maths the children have been  working on time. Reading and drawing time-  O'Clock, Half Past, Quarter Past, Quarter to and to 5 minute intervals. 

Please keep reading and supporting your child. We look forward to seeing you next week for parents evening. 

Next Tuesday is our 'Everybody is different' day.  Children can come to school in non-uniform. If your family are supporting a charity the children are welcome to represent by wearing a colour or t-shirt. 

The last Friday is our Easter Bonnet parade. You are welcome to come and watch. 


Week Beginning 18.3.19

This week the children have been doing their Spring Term Assessments. The Children have also spent time designing, making and evaluating their very own Junk Model Rockets. 


Parents' Evening will be held week beginning 1st April. Letters will be sent for 2S and a sign will be up outside 2RM for parents to select their preferred times. 


 Week beginning 11.3.19

This week the children have been looking at the story 'Beegu'. They have written questions to Beegu and a postcard.

In maths the children have been learning fractions.  They have worked out fractions of a shape. They have worked out  1/2,1/4,3/4 and 1/3 of an amount.   


Monday 18th March, the children will be creating their very own junk model rocket.  Please can the children bring in any craft materials by Monday-  cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, kitchen roll and bottle tops. 


Easter bonnet and Easter egg event will be held on the last Friday before Easter half term. Friday April 5th .